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Class 10/HSLC | English Grammar - NARRATION - QUESTION BANK 2019

Change the form of Narration :
1998 - 2018
1. HSLC - 1998
    (i) Arun said,"I do not know this
    Ans : Arun said that he didn't know that
    (ii) I asked the boy if he had answered
         all the questions.
    Ans : I said, "Have you answered all the

2. HSLC - 1999
     (i) "I made some money yesterday, "
         Anil said.
    Ans : Anil said that he had made some
         money the day before.

    (ii) Raju told me that he would meet me
         the next day.
    Ans : Raju said to me, "I shall meet you

3. HSLC - 2000
    (i) Anita said to Ravi, "Please lend me
         your pen."
    Ans : Anita requested Ravi to lend him
         his pen.

    (ii) The boy told me that his father
         would meet me soon.
    Ans : The boy said to me, My father will
         meet you soon."

4. HSLC - 2001
    (i) He said to me, "Lend me your book
        for today."
    Ans : He requested me to lend him my
         pen for that day.

    (ii) He said to me, "You will be tired
         before you arrive."
    Ans : He told me that I would be tired
         after I arrived.

    (iii) Ram asked me if I had a car.
    Ans : Ram said to me, "Do you have a

    (iv) The old man wished that I might be
    Ans : The old man said, "May you be

5. HSLC - 2002
    (i) He said to me, "When did you buy
         this books?"
    Ans : He asked me when I had bought
         that book.

    (ii) I said, "I bought it yesterday."
    Ans : I said that I had bought that the
         day before.

    (iii) Ravi thanked me for my help.
    Ans : Ravi said to me, "Thank you for
         your help."

    (iv) The old man prayed that God might
         help me.
    Ans : The old man said, "May God help

6. HSLC - 2003
    (i) Mohan said to Hari, "Can I borrow a
         hundred rupees from you?"
    Ans : Mohan asked Hari if he could
         borrow a hundred rupees from him.

    (ii) Hari replied that he had no money to
         lend him.
    Ans : Hari said, " I have no money to
         lend you".

    (iii) " Can you ride a bicycle?" Anil said.
    Ans : Anil asked if he could ride a

    (iv) The teacher said, " The earth is
    Ans : The teacher said that the earth is

7. HSLC - 2004
    (i) The teacher said to me, "Don't
         neglect your studies."
    Ans : The teacher told me not to
         neglect my studies.

    (ii) The doctor said to her, "Can you buy
         the medicines?"
    Ans : The doctor asked her if she could
         buy the medicines.

    (iii) The headmaster asked me who I
    Ans : The headmaster said to me, "Who
         are you? "

    (iv) He told his wife that he might be
    Ans : He said to his wife, "I may be late."

8. HSLC - 2005
    (i) "I made some money yesterday." he
         said to Hari.
    Ans : He told Hari that he had made
         some money the day before.

    (ii) Mohan said that he goes for a walk
         every morning.
    Ans : Mohan said, "I go for a walk every

9. HSLC - 2006
    (i) The boy said, "Sir, please explain the
         poem once more".
    Ans : The boy requested the teacher to
         explain the poem once more.

    (ii) The teacher said that he would do
         that the next day.
    Ans : The teacher said, "I shall do this

10. HSLC - 2007
    (i) He said to them, "Good bye, my
    Ans : He addressed them as his friends
         and wished them good bye.

    (ii) I said to her, "Do you want my help?"
    Ans : I asked her if she wanted my help.

11. HSLC - 2008
    (i) The teacher said, "Honesty is the
         best policy."
    Ans : The teacher said that honesty is
         the best policy.

    (ii) Anita said, "I do not know the boy".
    Ans : Anita said that he did not the boy.

12. HSLC - 2009
    (i) The lady said to the man, "I didn't
         know you".
    Ans : The lady told the man that she
         hadn't known him.

    (ii) She asked him to keep quite.
    Ans : She said to him, "Keep quite".

13. HSLC - 2010
    (a) The lady said to me, "I will tell you
         my story".
    Ans : The lady told me that she would
         tell me her story.

    (b) I told her that I had no time for that.
   Ans : I said to her, "I have no time for

14. HSLC - 2011
    (a) The mechanic said, "I will repair
         your car tomorrow".
    Ans : The mechanic said that he would
         repair his car the next day.

    (b) The teacher enquired of the pupil if
         he had done his homework.
    Ans : The teacher said to the pupil, "
         Have you done your homework?"

15. HSLC - 2012
    (a) He said, "Honesty is the best
    Ans : He said that honesty is the best

   (b) He said that he takes bath in the
         Bhramaputra every morning.
    Ans : He said, "I take bath in the
         Bhramaputra every morning".

16. HSLC - 2013
    (a) She said, "The water is boiling".
    Ans : She said that the water was

    (b) Mira said that her mother had been
         suffering from fever.
    Ans : Mira said, "My mother has been
         suffering from fever".

17. HSLC - 2014
    (a) He told her not to disturb him.
    Ans : He said to her, "Do not disturb

    (b) Mother said to me, "Don't tell a lie".
    Ans : Mother told me not to tell a lie.

18. HSLC - 2015
    (a) "What a beautiful building!" he said.
    Ans : He exclaimed with surprised that
         the building was very beautiful.

    (b) She proposed that we should go for
         a walk.
    Ans : She said, "Let's go for a walk"

19. HSLC - 2016
    (a) "Can you drive a car?" I said to
    Ans : I asked Rahim if he could drive a

    (b) The stranger asked me if I could tell
         him the way to the Post office.
    Ans : The stranger said to me, "Can you
         tell me the wag to the post office."

20. HSLC - 2017
    (a) Anita said, "I do not know the boy."
    Ans : Anita said that she did not the
    (b) Rahim said that his mother had
         been suffering from fever.
    Ans : Rahim said, "My mother has been
         suffering from fever."

21. HSLC - 2018
    (a) Rahim said to me, "Do you know the
         man standing at the gate?"
    Ans : Rahim asked me if I knew the
         man standing at the gate.
    (b) The young man told me that he had
         come from Jorhat to work in
    Ans : The young man said to me, "I
         have come from Jorhat to work in

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